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Baltimore-Rotterdam virtual exchange program 2022: Operation Trash / Operatie Afval

A social cultural program linking American & Dutch students

Students in Baltimore and Rotterdam doing community cleanupsTrash serves as the theme for a cross-cultural Sister City virtual exchange between schools in Baltimore (USA) and Rotterdam (the Netherlands). Students research trash topics and recycling strategies and make presentations to share with their counterparts overseas. They are inspired to reduce litter and increase recycling in their communities while learning about each other’s cultures. Several editions of the exchange program have been held over the past years between schools in the Baltimore and Rotterdam regions.

The Baltimore-Rotterdam Sister City Committee (BRSCC) is planning an edition of this exchange program during the 2022 spring semester for Baltimore and Rotterdam area schools. The program is designed for middle school students, grades 7 or 8, referred to as ‘1st and 2nd year classes’ in Dutch high schools. This edition of the exchange takes place February to April, 2022.

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Seagull Mamma Performance at Pratt Library Nov 6, 2019

Seagull Mamma: A Performance Piece about Trash and Recycling by Kathie diStefano

About this event

Seagull Mama — A Performance Piece about Trash and Recycling

Performed by theatre artist & educator Kathie diStefano from Rotterdam’s Avalanche Arts.

This interactive show takes young audience members on a journey through the eyes of a seagull mamma who mistakes trash for fish while hunting for food for her young. How do our waterways get so polluted with plastic trash? The term ‘plastic soup’ is introduced; lakes, rivers, and seas that have so much plastic trash that no fish can live there.

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