Rotterdam artist visits Baltimore in 2014, to plan 2015 residency

Rotterdam theatre artist and educator Kathie diStefano employs participatory techniques and theatre art to create awareness with youth and seniors about the environment through creative strategies to recycle and make smart consumer decisions in Heijplaat in Rotterdam. She did an artist residency in Brooklyn-Curtis Bay in December 2013 and returned to Baltimore in December 2014 to plan future exchange activities.

Kathie diStefano’s activities in December 2014 included:

Masonville Cove Environmental Education Center (MCEEC) — diStefano conducted meetings and workshop with Living Classrooms staff. Planning for 2 digital pen pal programs between Baltimore and Rotterdam area students. Masonville Cove also expressed interest in working on hosting a workshop for diStefano with a larger audience

Nederlandse School — diStefano met with the leaders of this Dutch language school in Bethesda, Maryland to plan Fall 2015 sustainability-themed workshops for students.

Benjamin Franklin High School — diStefano met with Kelly Klinefelter, who invited her to run a series of improv workshops in Fall 2015 for her senior English class students focusing on developing social skills and working together. diStefano also spoke with Dante de Tablan from Benjamin Franklin High School’s community center.

Filbert Street Community Garden — Jason Reed met with diStefano to discuss future collaboration possibilities with Filbert Street Community Garden and Living Classrooms. diStefano met up with Steve Bradley and he took her to meet the new managers of the garden.

diStefano-Filbert-201412Rodette (left), Filbert Street Garden Manager, meets Kathie (right) in December 2014